Will Contests

While Will Contests Can Be Hard, The Alternative May Be Harder

After a loved one’s passing, reviewing their will can result in a painful, awkward and stressful situation. Sometimes, beneficiaries, heirs and people who were not named in the will face deep conflicts with one another. A formal will contest may be necessary to find the truth for all parties involved.

Amid the grief you may be experiencing, it is important to act quickly if you want to contest the validity of a will. We can help you decide how to proceed and treat you with respect. Hinojosa & Forer LLP is one of the leading firms in estate disputes in the Los Angeles area, representing clients throughout California.

Our attorneys practice in this legal area daily, which means we come to the table with skill and experience unmatched by many other firms. We can offer sound legal advice in these difficult situations.

Who Has The Right To Contest A Will?

Under California law, the individuals who may legally challenge a will are those who are considered “interested parties.” Interested parties include spouses, children, the deceased person’s creditors or people who would be considered an intestate heir.

What is an intestate heir? If a decedent failed to create a valid will or another testamentary document during their lifetime, an “intestate heir” is a person who, by law, would inherit a decedent’s assets. This person is often a spouse or child of the decedent.

If You Have Serious Concerns, We Can Support You

Once it is established that a person has what is called “standing” to contest a will, there must also be a legitimate reason for contesting a will. Those reasons could be fraud, forgery, lack of capacity or undue influence.

When you believe that one of these issues affected your loved one or their property, let us represent you. We are recognized for our litigation-focused practice. With our experience, we will work to highlight evidence and clearly voice your concerns.

If Seeking To Challenge A Will, Contact Our Firm

For decades, clients have trusted Hinojosa & Forer LLP to handle all aspects involving estate matters with expertise. We utilize our skills primarily as an estate litigation firm. We work to successfully resolve will and trust contests, conservatorship litigation and other disputes.

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