Los Angeles Trust and Estate Mediation Lawyer

Los Angeles Trust and Estate Mediation Lawyer

Alternative Dispute Resolution And Expert Testimony Services in Los Angeles, CA

mediation arbitration and expert testimony lawyer

As established and highly experienced litigators in trust and estate matters, the attorneys at Hinojosa & Forer LLP also are well-established at mediation, arbitration and providing expert testimony in California.

When we utilize these alternative methods of dispute resolution, our clients benefit from our decades of experience fighting everything from will contests to disputes over trusts. We have seen firsthand the negative results that stem from dragging out conflicts in court that could be settled in a more amicable way. In some cases, mediation or arbitration is more efficient and effective, the kind of resolution we are dedicated to working toward at Hinojosa & Forer LLP.

When families fight over the assets and property left by their relatives, the cost of that conflict can whittle down the inheritance. We can help you decide whether mediation or arbitration might lead to a better outcome.

Contact Our Our Highly Experienced Los Angeles Attorneys For Expert Testimony

mediation arbitration and expert testimony attorney
As one of the oldest boutique firms in Los Angeles, our attorneys also believe in sharing their experience with other attorneys and the general public at different seminars and events. Our partners have provided expert testimony at trial in numerous cases pertaining to this area of law.

Not only does our senior partner have nearly 50 years of experience in trust and estate litigation, but all of our attorneys also have a substantial background in this area of law. We are available to serve as expert witnesses in matters of fiduciary duties, probate litigation and many other areas.

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