Los Angeles Conservatorship Lawyer

Los Angeles Conservatorship Lawyer

Los Angeles Conservatorship Attorney

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When a person is no longer able to manage their finances, they will need someone trustworthy to help them. By creating a conservatorship before they need help, a person can rest easy knowing that the law will protect them and hold the person managing their assets accountable. However, these laws and tasks can be complicated.

For decades, clients have relied on the lawyers at Hinojosa & Forer LLP for their skill in conservatorship administration. Our firm offers clear guidance to protect both the conservator and the conservatee. We deliver counsel in a way that is both easy to understand and effective.

Why Proper Administration Is Critical

When the conservatee becomes incapacitated, the conservatorship process can start. After a successful petition to the court for conservatorship or guardianship, the conservator or guardian may begin their duties.

These appointments come with serious responsibilities and standards. As a conservator, failing to meet these standards would make you subject to liability under California law.

Guiding Conservators In Their Duties

conservatorship administration attorney
Following a court-approved petition, our experienced attorneys help conservatorships fulfill their responsibilities, including:

  • Cataloging and taking inventory of all the estate’s assets
  • Filing a general plan with the court, which the court monitors over time
  • Purchasing or selling assets for the benefit of the estate and conservatee
  • Filing taxes
  • Paying medical bills and other necessary expenses
  • Overseeing investments and working with financial advisers
  • Recording sales, transfers, investments and purchases accurately

Although maintaining someone else’s estate can be intricate and challenging, our lawyers are attentive to the details. We can facilitate these tasks and help you avoid breaching fiduciary duty. We also represent various parties in conservatorship litigation cases.

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