Los Angeles Trust Accounting Dispute Lawyer

Los Angeles Trust Accounting Dispute Lawyer

Los Angeles Trust Accounting Dispute Attorney

Los Angeles Trust Accounting Dispute Lawyer

Forming a trust in Los Angeles can be complex, but the process is necessary to protect your assets after you pass on. Trusts also outline how certain bills and expenses should be paid, as well as how the assets involved in the trust should be distributed. Unfortunately, some trustees go against the trustor’s wishes and improperly spend finances and assets. In this instance, you need a qualified Los Angeles trust accounting dispute lawyer to resolve the situation.

Our staff at Hinojosa & Forer LLP can provide high-quality and efficient trust accounting dispute services whenever necessary. We can examine your situation and determine where the accounting error is coming from, as well as provide guidance on how to navigate the situation. You shouldn’t miss out on the assets you deserve, and if there are disputes over certain transactions that have occurred during the formation of a trust, we’re prepared to help.

Understanding Trust Accounting

In a trust, an individual or business, known as the trustee, is elected to hold the legal rights to the assets. These assets are then distributed to the beneficiaries, or people who should receive the assets. Trustees are also responsible for determining what remaining bills need to be paid, as well as keeping track of transactions and other accounts involved in the trust. When there is a discrepancy in an account, the trustee could be liable for any damages that accrue.

While trust litigation lawyers are usually brought in to resolve similar issues, trust accounting dispute lawyers can specifically look through financial records to determine where the error stems from. The trustee has a significant responsibility to uphold the terms set by the trustor, as their intention is to properly distribute their estate without any hassle after they’ve passed away. When a trustee fails to do their job reliably, disputes can quickly arise.

Overall, trust accounting relates to managing and recording paid taxes, fees, and expenses that are involved in the trust process. However, if certain funds aren’t properly tracked or if there is a miscalculation somewhere, this can lead to arguments over who owes what. These matters are challenging to resolve alone, but an experienced lawyer can help.

Why You Need a Trust Accounting Dispute Law Firm

Resolving any trust disputes or contests on your own can be a distressing and exhausting experience. You likely have other matters that need your attention, and if a trustee is shown to be violating their agreement, it can be hard to remove them from their position if you can’t effectively prove your case. When transactions and financial records are confusing and hard to follow, you need a knowledgeable lawyer to protect you and resolve the issue.

Your trust accounting dispute lawyer can gather all of the necessary evidence to determine why there is an accounting issue, and if the trustee is found to be responsible, your lawyer can make a pitch to remove them from their position. When beneficiaries feel there is a problem with the trust as a result of accounting, they may feel agitated due to the situation. They should be entitled to certain assets, but if they cannot obtain them due to accounting problems, more conflicts can occur.

Trustees have a responsibility to keep accounting accurate and ensure all relevant funds are clear and maintained. When a dispute arises over something related to accounting, you need a qualified lawyer to walk you through the process, offer advice, and determine how to move forward.

Los Angeles Trust Disputes FAQs

Q: Can You Waive a Trust Accounting in California?

A: Yes, you can legally waive a trust accounting in California by submitting a formal waiver. If all beneficiaries agree to waive trust accounting, they can sign and submit this form during the trust-making process. While this doesn’t mean you’ve given up your inheritance, such as assets, it simply means you don’t have any disagreements or conflicts with what the trustee is doing, and you are okay with the terms laid out by the trust.

Q: How Do I Dispute a Trust in California?

A: If you’re looking to dispute a trust in California, you’ll need to file a petition in the county court where the trust is being created and finalized. In the petition, you must clearly state your reasons for why you are against the trust, as well as provide any evidence that could help prove your case. To strengthen your petition, speak with a trust lawyer about your concerns and have them assist you in creating your petition.

Q: Do Trust Beneficiaries Have the Right to Accounting in California?

A: Yes, trust beneficiaries have the right to accounting if the trustee fails to perform their tasks properly or within a reasonable period. You can petition a probate court for accounting if the trustee is shown to be misappropriating funds, miscalculating expenses, or providing inaccurate details. Lawyers can also assist you in upholding your rights and fighting for your protection.

Q: Can You Sue a Trust in California?

A: You can legally sue a trust in California if the trustee is not adhering to the terms laid out by the trustor. If the trustee has improperly performed their accounting tasks, for instance, you can sue the trust itself and potentially seek compensation for what you’ve lost, as well as any relevant damages. You should also consider hiring legal representation beforehand so they can offer advice on how to navigate this process.

Speak With Hinojosa & Forer LLP Today

Our team at Hinojosa & Forer LLP has worked with several clients in the past who were concerned with a trustee’s actions related to accounting. This is a beneficial process that requires plenty of responsibility and accuracy, and when financial records aren’t properly maintained, beneficiaries may feel concerned or confused. You shouldn’t have to risk losing out on what you deserve due to trust accounting disputes, and we can help resolve the issue before it becomes too much.

Contact our team today to learn more about what we do. We are one of the leading trust and estate litigation firms throughout Southern California, and we’re dedicated to helping you in any way we can.



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