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Premier Los Angeles Trust and Estate Litigation and Administration Law Firm

As one of the most established estate litigation and administration law firms in Los Angeles, our decades of experience have earned our well-respected reputation.

At Hinojosa & Forer LLP, we meet each client’s specific needs with a high level of representation. In highly contentious situations, we seek to provide effective, efficient results. Through decades of practice, our attorneys offer creative strategies to work toward successful resolution of a matter.

We understand that most people do not want to be stuck in lengthy, stressful litigation. These kinds of conflicts can be physically and mentally draining on the client and family members. That is why our many years of experience are so valuable to our clients. We focus on your needs, moving the case along to trial or settling in the best terms possible quickly.

Our Practice Areas

Trust, Estate And
Conservatorship Litigation
Conservatorship And
Guardianship Petitions
Mediation, Arbitration
And Expert Testimony
Estate Planning –
Wills And Trusts
Probate And Estate

Respected Attorneys
Representing Clients Throughout
California In Probate, Trust And
Estate Matters

Our attorneys can help the client through the process of establishing, administering and litigating probate conservatorships. Hinojosa & Forer LLP knows these matters are extremely emotional and can involve disagreements among family members. Let our experience guide you through the process in California. We represent individuals and professional fiduciaries in all aspects of conservatorship matters, from initiating petitions through resolution of dispute.

Personalized Experience
Efficient Resolution

Client Testimonials

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