How limited conservatorships work for adults with special needs

Lynard C. Hinojosa

Conservatorships are valuable tools for adults with diminished capacity and those who love them. A conservatorship can allow family members or other adults to manage certain aspects of someone else’s life when they aren’t capable of doing it for themselves. People who struggle to handle their finances due to lifelong conditions, illnesses and mental health issues can benefit from conservatorships.

California offers a number of conservatorships. Different circumstances necessitate different tools for responding to someone’s unique needs. For some families, a limited conservatorship may be an excellent option to consider when filing a petition with the court.

Limited conservatorship can help support semi-independent adults

Those with mild to moderate special needs may not need the full support of a standard conservatorship. Those with developmental disabilities and conditions like autism or Down Syndrome may be able to have a job, maintain an apartment and take care of themselves with the right support.

A limited conservatorship can let family members offer necessary support and guidance to a loved one with special needs without completely taking away their independence. When an adult with special needs doesn’t need around-the-clock monitoring or constant reminders to engage in self-care, a limited conservatorship may be a better option than a general conservatorship.

It can be hard to make the right choices when it comes to helping a loved one. A limited conservatorship can allow you to intervene and take control when absolutely necessary without formally ending your loved one’s independence. Talking through your family’s needs with an attorney who is knowledgeable about the various forms of conservatorship and guardianship can ensure that you make the right decisions for your unique situation.




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