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A Leading Trust, Estate And Conservatorship Litigation Firm

At Hinojosa & Forer LLP, we focus on litigation resolution. Estate disputes are not occasional cases for our attorneys, but the primary focus of our practice. That focus can be an advantage for you. It allows us to avoid mistakes that can seriously affect the outcome of your case. Throughout our decades of work, we have seen individuals and attorneys pursue a dispute in a way that whittled down the total estate to the detriment of all beneficiaries.

Our goal is to provide strong, effective representation that focuses on your best interests and seeks to minimize the length and cost of the dispute.

Our areas of practice include:

  • Contested documents — Who has the legal right to challenge a will, trust, or other estate planning instruments? And on what basis? We can explain the legal options and possible outcomes.
  • Conservatorship disputes In conservatorship litigation, we represent either side in a given case.
  • Allegations of undue influence or lack of capacity Has someone benefited after pressuring the decedent to make certain dispositions in a will? Did the party participate in the drafting of the document? Did the party isolate the decedent? Did the decedent lack the legal capacity to execute a document at the time the document was executed?
  • Breach of fiduciary duty and related fiduciary disputes — Our experience can help find a resolution to allegations that a trustee or other fiduciary has been irresponsible or stepped outside the scope of his or her duties and caused damage.
  • Probate or trust litigation When settling estates after a death, disputes happen frequently. Our goal is to represent the client in the most efficient manner to save time and money in protracted litigation.
  • Financial elder abuseMany estate matters involve people dealing with health conditions or situations that are ripe for financial abuse.

Effective, Efficient Resolution Of Trust, Estate And Conservatorship Disputes

Please contact our firm in Los Angeles to schedule an initial meeting to discuss your trust, estate or conservatorship matter. We can be reached at 310-893-0309 or by sending an email.