Conservatorship Administration And Litigation

Conservatorship Administration

For decades, clients have relied on the lawyers at Hinojosa & Forer LLP for their skill in conservatorship administration.

A conservatorship of the estate is a legal process that transfers the management of wealth and property from an incapacitated adult to a specified person to manage under court supervision. A conservatorship of the person allows for the transfer of authority to make decisions for the personal care and maintenance of a conservatee. A court could consider the adult incapacitated for mental or physical reasons.

After a successful petition to the court for conservatorship or guardianship, the duties of the conservator or guardian begin. These appointments come with serious responsibilities and standards that, if not met, could subject the conservator to liability under California law.

Following a court-approved petition, procedures for conservatorships start with cataloguing and inventorying the assets of a conservatorship estate. The conservator is also required to file a general plan with the court. The court monitors the plan one year later, and every two years that follow.

Conservatorship Litigation

In conservatorship litigation, we represent all interested parties in different cases: the person contesting their conservatorship, the conservator, and those challenging whether the person in charge of the estate is the right person for this responsibility.

Our firm offers the necessary guidance to protect both the conservator and the conservatee, delivered in a way that is both easy to understand and effective.

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